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Chamaeza Ruficauda Vocal (Tovaca-de-rabo-vermelho)

Long considered to be conspecific with the Schwartz’s Antthrush of northern South America, whilst simultaneously confused with the locally sympatric Such’s Antthrush (Chamaeza meruloides), which shares much of the same geographic range as the present species, but is usually found at marginally lower elevations. The Rufous-tailed Antthrush ranges from southeast Brazil to northeasternmost Argentina, where it is confined to the province of Misiones, and is generally found above 1000 m altitude. The species is most easily detected by its distinctive voice, which is a short, hollow-sounding trill, in complete contrast to the gradually quickening and prolonged song of the Such’s Antthrush, with which it was so long confused. Its plumage is broadly similar to those of congenerics; brown above, becoming only slightly more rufous over the rump and tail, with scallop-patterned underparts, and white throat, malar line, and supercilium.

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