The Mystery Bird “Yellow-Billed Oxpecker”

The yellow-billed oxpecker “Buphagus africanus” is a beautiful passerine bird in the starling and myna family, Sturnidae. The name “oxpecker” is related to their habit of perching on large wild and domestic mammals. The yellow-billed oxpecker is 20 cm long and has plain brown upperparts and head, buff underparts and a pale rump. In a day an adult bird will take more than 100 engorged female Boophilus decoloratus ticks or 13,000 larvae. It frequently occurs in association with wild and domestic large mammals. The species often roosts in trees close to these animals, or even on buffaloes’ back at night. The Yellow-billed oxpeckers live in small flocks and can be found at sea-level or in mountains as high as 9,800 feet. These African mystery birds are engaged in a rare behavior, even nesting on the back of a live Cape buffalo.
Some ornithologists regard the oxpeckers to be a separate family, the Buphagidae. It is least common in the extreme east of its range where it overlaps with the r…

The Amazing Photos of Flying Peacocks

Some moments are extremely priceless, and you forget everything when you see such moments. Nature has full of incredible things, and a little number of peoples witness the peacock flying at their best. After all, they do have more than two hundreds colorful elongated feathers that entice not just their potential partners, but various people’s attention and cameras, too. 

But often their vibrant assets distract from their other capabilities. Few people get a chance to see these birds off a ground, but they can, indeed, fly. Therefore, normally peacocks do that in case of danger, rather than pleasure. While predators appear, birds start running and flutter into the air. 

Amazingly, the long feathers don’t affect their take-offs and the distance might be limited, but they can catch up speed up to 16 km/h! So with conviction peacocks are smarter than Kanye West and what a magnificent sight when this creatures is flying. Here at below you can some of best shot!

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