American Purple Gallinule

Well, just like the Turaco, the American purple gallinule (Porphyrio martinicus), has an exceptional color combination of a red beak, blue body, green wings and yellow legs. They’re in the order Gruiformes, which means "crane-like", and within the order there are cranes, rails, and crakes. Thus, the purple gallinule is a rail species which places them into the family, Rallidae. The purple gallinule is a swamphen since it has the genus Porphyrio. The yellow-legged porphyria is found in the southeastern states of the United States during the breeding season. They are resident’s species in southern Florida, Gulf and Pacific coast of Mexico, parts of Central America, and Caribbean. This is medium size colorful bird reaches a length of 26-37cm in length while spanning 50-61cm across the wings. The captivating bird weighing is 141-305 g. Moreover, the wingspan that helps in to glide up for short periods of time with its legs dangling under its body. They are able to fly when they …

Shikra Female Accipiter Badius

A small bird of prey (raptor) closely related to the goshawks and sparrowhawks, it is widely distributed in Asia. A closely related bird in Africa goes by the name little banded goshawk and other relatives include Chinese goshawk and Eurasian sparrowhawk. Males have a pale grey color with a red eyes, females are browner and have yellow eyes. They feed on rodents, lizards, small birds and even small snakes. They were once used for falconry in India.Source: Able Lawrence

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