The Golden Pheasant

The stunning golden pheasant is a gamebird of the order Galliformes (gallinaceous birds) belongs to the family Phasianidae (pheasants). The Golden Pheasant or Chinese pheasant “Chrysolophus pictus” is native to forests in mountainous areas of western China. Its feral populations have been established in the UK, Canada, United States, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. By natural habitats golden pheasant are particularly aggressive because they have a “harem” structure, mating with several hens a year.
The adult golden pheasant is approximately 90 to 105 cm in length.The golden pheasant is unmistakable with its golden crest and rump and bright red body. The deep orange "cape" can be feast in display, appearing as an alternating black and orange fan that covers all of the face but its bright yellow eye with a pinpoint black pupil. The Golden pheasants normally lay 8 to 12 eggs at…

Weebill (Smicrornis brevirostris)

(Glenn Smith) This afternoons Bird shot is from the Australian Botanical Gardens, Mount Annan, this little fella is called a Weebill (Smicrornis brevirostris) tiny little one these are. Had a good day with the Camera today loads of bird shots and a few mushroom shots as well so all up a good day, if anyone is interested in some of the other shots form today you can see them and at the story of the shots over at my blog in the link below.

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